Thermal Imaging

February 27, 2019

We are pleased to announce that our building surveys now will always include thermal imaging where appropriate!

This helps defect diagnosis and is an invaluable tool to look for leaks, missing insulation and hidden pipework as well as defective electrical components within the house.

Below is an example of the sort of defect that can be found using thermal imaging. In the thermal image we see the rear garden door and walls and windows to the left and right hand side. These areas were notably colder and this immediately suggested water ingress. These areas were then tested with the damp meter where full saturation was found.

In the next image we see a sample of report which shows the insulation missing directly above shower in a loft conversion which will cause significant condensation problems in the future.

This is now standard part of our repertoire however if you would like to have a specific thermal survey undertaken of your property we would be happy to provide you with a bespoke service.

Posted by:

Robert Hopps

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