Party Wall Surveyor Services

The Hopps Partnership specialises in party wall surveyor services, bringing you a wealth of knowledge from a team of experienced professionals. We’re ready to help in any role associated with the Party Wall Act.

We offer party wall surveying in London and the home counties from our offices in London, Wanstead and Newbury. The Hopps Partnership is never too far away to offer practical, affordable party wall surveying.


Building Owner’s Party Wall Surveyor

As your party wall surveyor, The Hopps Partnership will act on your behalf in full. We’re able to serve a party wall notice upon your neighbours, communicate with their surveyors and provide a detailed schedule of condition report.

Throughout the process, we’ll be on hand to advise and guide you, ensuring friendly and effective communication between all parties involved.

Adjoining Owner’s Party Wall Surveyor

As a party wall surveyor to an adjoining property, we’re able to respond to party wall notices and cooperate with the building owner’s surveyor on your behalf. The Hopps Partnership will assist the building owner’s surveyor to complete a schedule of condition that satisfies all parties involved.

We’ll also review and agree the Party Wall Award, providing you with help and advice throughout the process.

As an Agreed Party Wall Surveyor

The Hopps Partnership can serve both parties as an agreed party wall surveyor, undertaking all the activities for both parties. We’ll act fairly and impartially in accordance with the Party Wall Act to bring everyone involved to a mutual agreement.

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