Schedule of

How to identify pre-existing damage

The Hopps Partnership is a team of experts in the Party Wall Act. Our party wall surveyors provide a range of services, including the provision of a schedule of condition.

When we’re appointed as a surveyor, we’ll record the condition of the adjoining owner’s property in detail in a schedule of condition report, which includes photographs of the condition of the property, before any work begins.

This report acts as proof of any changes or damage caused. It keeps an accurate log of any defects found in the adjoining owner’s structure or boundary, so that once work has been completed, any damage caused can be checked against the original condition of the property, to ensure it wasn’t pre-existing.

What is a schedule of Condition?

The schedule of condition is included in a Party Wall Award, a document created by the surveyor. In this document, the building owner’s architect and contractor will outline their methods and drawings to show how the work will be carried out safely, mitigating any losses to the adjoining owner’s property.

The schedule of condition is reconsidered after work has been completed, to ensure that no damage has been caused and, if it has, to help restore the adjoining owner’s property to its former state or to compensate the adjoining owner accordingly.

Read our breakdown and run-through of the Party Wall Act. For more detailed information specific to your property, email us or call 020 8502 6323 to speak to our team of specialist party wall surveyors.

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