Surveying - Party Wall Terminology

Adjoining Owner
An Owner with an interest in a property adjoining or adjacent to a Building Owner’s property. They must have a long lease or a freehold interest.
Agreed Surveyor
a Surveyor acting for both the Building Owner and Adjoining Owner acting in an impartial capacity.
Party Wall Award
The legal document produced by The Party Wall Surveyor/s detailing everyone’s rights and allowing the works to proceed.
Building Owner
An Owner of a property who desires to undertake building work that comes under the remit of The Party Wall Act.
Where an adjoining owner, after being served notice, allows works to proceed without the involvement of a Party Wall Surveyor.
Where an adjoining Owner requires a Party Wall Surveyor to act on their behalf and to form an Award.
Line of Junction
The boundary line between a Building Owner and an Adjoining Owner’s property.
Party Wall
A wall dividing a Building Owner’s and an Adjoining Owner’s property; with the boundary usually at the mid-point of the wall.
Notifiable Works
Building work that comes under the remit of The Party Wall Act, such as raising a Party Wall, cutting into a Party Wall such as to insert steels, excavating normally within 3 metres of an Adjoining Owner’s property.
Party Wall Notice
A document detailing the proposed works and served upon an Adjoining Owner prior to works commencing.

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